Weekend Away // New Haven

My husband and I went on a lovely little jaunt up to New Haven, Connecticut and stayed at a quaint B & B for a night. Fall is my favorite time of year for the fashion, food, and foliage - and I got a dose of all three while we were there! Full Disclosure: one of the main reasons I wanted to go was to tour Yale as that is where Rory attended in Gilmore Girls and that is, hands down, my favorite show of all time - you can see some of those photos on my Instagram. It is a beautiful campus! It also gave me a little thrill to catch a train from Grand Central...

Here is a dose of foliage for you - it was the most perfect weekend in terms of weather and colors - these were taken on our walk from the B & B to town.

Fall Road
Sun Peaking Through Trees

Two of the places we dined really stood out to us; ordinary and Heirloom.

From ordinary for a late lunch: Beer cheese with pretzel bread (I am loving the pretzel bread trend happening in restaurants right now!) and their 'ordinary' grilled cheese with Vermont cheddar served with this insane tomato soup dip. Mind. Blown. When we asked about the dip, she said it was a mix of ketchup and the tomato soup from their sister shop Caseus. You best believe I will be trying to recreate that!

Pretzel Bread

From Heirloom for brunch: Locally made ricotta with thyme, truffle oil, and toast. One of thee best things I have ever tasted. It was truly perfection. My main dish was tomato soup (sensing a pattern??) and french fries with malt vinegar aioli - I just couldn't resist these. Growing up, our family always had malt vinegar with fries and you just don't see it very often! It was delicious and a perfect complement to the soup!

Ricotta with Toast

So if this hasn't made you sufficiently hungry, I don't know what will! If you get the chance to visit New Haven, you really should - it's great for a weekend! I am glad we got the chance before we move back west. And although spontaneity is fun, a little planning for a short trip can limit the aimless wandering (unless, of course, that wandering is under a golden umbrella of leaves...). Chapel Street is great for shops and treats and I snagged some great vintage kitchen and house wares at Acme Vintage Furniture and English Building Markets. I am not convinced I would have found these places if I hadn't done a little research beforehand!

This trip definitely left me with a full heart and an empty plate, and I hope it inspires you to jump on a train with someone you love and take a little adventure!