First Birthday...Americana Style.

On our 'way' from New York to Los Angeles, we stopped over in Seattle and Vancouver BC to visit friends and family. I can't lie, a big part of our move date had to do with me not wanting to miss my sweet nephew's 1st birthday. My sister Melissa came up with this idea to make it a, and I quote, 'Southern Blues Americana Style' party. A.K.A. Bruce Springsteen theme. It was also a celebration of surviving a full year as new parents! I was lucky enough to be there to help prepare the food she had planned, as well as decorate the house with amazing decorations she made - it was a blast and my husband took some great shots so I thought I would share them here. I hope it inspires the DIY-er in you as it did me!

Guitar Cookies
Birthday Banner

Melissa found these great reusable 'chalkboard' papers at Michaels and wrote out the letters for this banner; we tied them together with jute and affixed it to the wall with washi tape! 

One Cookies

We decided to start hand-painting the dozens of cookies at around 8pm the night before the party so as we got sleepier, our designs got a little more eccentric...there is a reason the 'wood grain' guitar is at the bottom of the pile!!

Baby Winston

We took the photos she compiled and printed like polaroids and attached them to jute with miniature clothespins - it was a perfect way to show off the many faces that Winston has made over the year! Hanging them vertically in three rows made a great design impact and it was nice to break up the swag look as she made a cute fabric banner to hang over his highchair too!

Birthday Table

We kept it simple for food but used vintage enamelware, aluminum trays, burlap, and the colors of red & blue to keep the Americana vibe!

Photo Corner

These paper pinwheels were made of double-sided scrapbook paper and the bursts with tissue; hung at different lengths from the ceiling, they made a great backdrop for the photo corner! We created a hashtag for the party so that anytime a guest Instagramed a picture, they added it and then all the great photos could be seen at a glance. I have done that with a few parties/trips and it's so fun to see what everyone posts - try it at your next gathering!

Winston's One

I couldn't finish this post without a picture of the sweet birthday boy, Winston. I love the way his party hat is off to the side - it reminds me of how my grandpa used to wear his trucker hats and I can't help but smile. Win got a smash cake for the initial 'Happy Birthday' song but he was really unsure of what do do with it and it took a bit of prompting to get him to dig in! The whole smash cake concept is new to me but it seems to be the hot thing for babies... 

Even if you don't have a little one in your life, I hope this inspires you to add a little spice to your next get-together. If you are short on time or don't DIY - serve an appetizer on an unexpected dish or buy some fun straws for your cocktail hour, you deserve something special!

With a full heart and an empty plate,