Weekend Away // Virginia

I love New York City, but as a girl who grew up amongst the mountains, rivers, and trees, I also love leaving it. This past weekend, Jordan and I went to visit my family in Virginia - my mom’s youngest sister lives there with her husband, three kids, and two dogs and it’s always such a breath of fresh air to be with them. They have a beautiful home with a yard on a tree-lined street filled with colonial style houses that just shine among the red and golden hues of the leaves. We are so lucky to experience their hospitality and generosity time and time again; there is nothing like quality moments with family to recharge my batteries. When we weren’t hanging out at the house chatting, making family recipes, or watching football, we were in downtown Fredericksburg perusing antique stores, drinking coffee from Hyperion Espresso and falling in love with the brioche at Eileen’s Bakery & Cafe (it’s located in an old church with beautiful arched doorways and exposed brick!).

Early Bird Biscuit Co

My favorite little food stop though, was found when we headed south for Jordan’s tattoo appointment, just north of Richmond in an area called Lakeside. Across the street was the teeny-tiny (even by New York standards!!) shop called Early Bird Biscuit Co. & Bakery. It had so many elements of what I want for my bakery someday - classic, delicious items that my customers can count on, mixed with new treats daily, a great cup of coffee, short hours, and closed on Sundays!

The brand had a great vintage feel, and that feeling was further reinforced with their corner pastry case, antique rolling pin display, vintage clock radios, and a screen door entry that reminded me of walking into the home I grew up in - it doesn’t get much more inviting than that.

EBB Corner Display
EBB Counter

We ordered from the lunch menu - Jordan chose pimento cheese and bacon on their ‘biscuit of the day’ which was parmesan-pepperoni, and I went for cheddar/bacon/apple on a classic buttermilk. YUM. Times like 10. We ate them off the back of the car, sipping coffee, and appreciating the slowed-down Southern feel of it all.

Welcome to EBB

If you ever find yourself even within an hour of this charming place, you must seek it out; not only for the delicious baked goods, but also for the kind and welcoming people who work there. You won’t be disappointed!


WARNING: You may also walk away with a tasty molasses cookie and an old-school diner mug to commemorate your visit!

With a full heart and an empty plate,