Two pans, an air mattress, and a flood.

Sounds fun, right?! Sometimes I think that if I watched my life as a TV show, I wouldn't believe it was real life. No, not in that sparkly Hollywood way. In that, 'oh geez...did that really just happen?! Yikes!' kind of way.

If you know me at all, you know that Jordan and I have put a few pins on the map in our marriage. This time last year, I was settling in to our apartment in LA, this time two years ago, I was six months into living in New York, having moved from Seattle. Today, you ask? Today I write to you from a fabulous little cafe in Bushwick as my husband and I have officially moved back to Brooklyn. Before I get into the thrill of the last two weeks, I would like to take a walk down memory lane and insert an excerpt from a post I wrote on my first blog, about our move to Brooklyn...the first time. 

I needed to go to Target. Because what person doesn’t after moving in general, let alone across the country. I was so excited. I grabbed my ‘granny cart’ that I use for groceries and such, and hopped on the bus. I was very strategic in what I bought, placing it very carefully in the cart making sure no space was left unused…a Target Tetris if you will. I was even very good about packing it all back in just so after purchasing it. After finding the bus stop to get home - keep in mind there are mostly one-way streets so you almost NEVER catch the bus where you got off- I realized I had just missed it so I waited about 10 minutes for the next one. It had stairs…hmm…the driver just looked at me and said “no”. Okay, I thought, I will wait for a stair-less one since most of them are. Another six or seven minutes and one came! Yay! I was getting so hot in this sticky 90 degrees! He looks at me and says “No. You have to take everything out and close it to get on”. Perfect. It wasn’t the stairs at all…it was the cart. I felt like Robbie Hart. This was the first time I had been punished for going green. Frustrated, I settled for a cab. Well, I tried to settle for a cab. I realized I couldn’t get the cart in a cab either, so naturally I opened the garbage bags I had just purchased and filled them so I could swing ‘em in the back and get home. Over the next 45 minutes, I darted across streets, arms piled high with garbage bags filled with brand-new merchandise, in search of a cab. Not. One. I eventually started walking in the direction of home, hoping a yellow angel on wheels would cross my path. About another half hour in, I hauled everything into a mini mart, guzzled a bottle of water, wiped the sweat from my face, and forged ahead. I walked home from Target with a cart and three giant bags in tow. I left the store at about 1:30 and arrived home close to 4:00 a hot, sticky mess. Oh, and did I mention that I had purchased cheese? Toss in some chips and I could have had nachos for lunch. Moral of the story: in NY, only purchase what you can carry, even if you think you have a solution, you don’t.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years and my husband and I are taking a cab from JFK to our friends place in Park Slope so we can sleep, pick up their air mattress, then head to the new apartment to meet the broker with our keys! Yay! COLD but yay! First order of business after opening the door to our new place, drop everything and head to another friends house to borrow two pans to get us by until our stuff comes sometime within the next 15 days. I had already packed the essentials: chef's knife & AeroPress so I was all set there. It wasn't a great first few days - Jordan caught a terrible cold so we had to book a hotel for a couple of nights so he could get a decent sleep, but once he felt better and I got groceries and was making him easy, but tasty, homemade meals, things were looking up. 

Pause. Read title of post. Continue.

So, exactly one week after arriving, we are settled on our air mattress, catching up on our respective shows of The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars on our laptops, and I hear a crazy alarm going off through my headphones. I take them out. Yup, definitely an alarm...a fire alarm? I poke the husband since he has legit headphones that put you in your own universe and ask him to take them off. "Hear that?" He immediately leaps into response mode and looks out the window but cannot see anything, so we run into the living room to look out the sliding glass doors and it's like all of the rain in the world is pouring off the roof and over our little balcony. Not truly thinking, I ask if it's the snow melting. It's not. We run upstairs to find water beginning to flow out of the space under the apartment door of a couple who just moved in...that day. Jordan pounds on the door, no answer. He yells {kindly} at me to start packing everything because that water is not stopping, then he proceeds to run down the stairs, pounding on all the neighbors doors that we had yet to meet, and letting them know the flood was coming. And it did. Down the stairwell, like a rushing river, all the way down to the basement and quickly filled it to a couple of inches. Meanwhile I am throwing all our possessions (luckily at this point, just what fit into our two suitcases!) together and we are hauling them to dry ground outside. 

Insert 'What the whaaattt?!?!' here.

Yes, this happened. However, it could have been much worse if the fire department hadn't arrived when they did to shut off the water and the power. Our bathroom flooded and our light fixtures were dripping but that's all getting fixed....after a week-long battle with our landlord. The bright-shining silver lining is that we had a night of drinking beers and eating pizza with all our neighbors and it has really been amazing getting to know them. We could not ask for a better group of people to be sharing this nightmare with!! 

We got the call yesterday from the moving company that they could deliver our stuff Saturday, and we were a little hesitant with all of this going on, but we decided to go for it. Even if we can't unpack all the way due to possible re-construction, at least I'll have more than two sweaters to wear for the next few weeks while it all gets sorted out.

So, have no fear, more recipes coming soon! In the meantime, I'll post some tasty tips on Instagram and keep you posted on the restaurants I try out in my new hood. 

With a full heart and an empty {plastic} plate, 



Eat.Drink.Be Merry // March

As we move into Spring, I realize that the season changes in southern California aren't going to be nearly as prominent as all the other cities I have lived in, so I have made a point to keep an eye out for pretty spring things to inspire me and mark the change! My thought is that by this time next year, I will be so used to the weather that December feels 'cold' and April is 'warming up'!! That's what I'm told anyway...



CK plate






Vertical Succulents



I personally have to get my flower fix from prints on dishes & dresses as I am allergic to pollen and in turn, most of the gorgeous blooms this time of year has to offer! The drink dispenser is a bit of a splurge item but great for entertaining - I want to get a simpler version for the fridge to hold the never-ending supply of cold brew coffee I make in the summer months! I also have the blackest (as in opposite of green) thumb, so I have my eye on succulents to spruce up our new place! 

Happy Spring everyone!