Eat. Drink. Be Merry // June

This is my first summer where I have lived in a year-round warm weather climate so the 'kick-off' weekend to summer was just another weekend, although we did go to the beach. I have to be honest though, I kind of hate the beach. Yes, my husband hates ice cream and I hate the beach; we really found each other. I enjoy a play-day at the beach with a tent and bbq-ing with friends and family, however, it's the human rotisserie days that don't tickle my fancy. Give me a nice patio & yard or a lake and I'm a happy girl. That is the kind of summer I grew up with - a big back yard, fruit trees to pick from, fresh peas from the garden, and grilling with a view of the mountains. Every time I see pictures of my niece and nephews playing in that setting, it takes me back and makes me want to ditch the city life and head for the countryside. Until that time comes, I will look longingly at the cute patio sets that I have no patio for, and search for the perfect picnic serveware for my summer afternoon jaunts. Here is a snapshot of what I currently have my eye on...


Enamel Plates
Acrylic Wine Glasses



Picnic Blanket


I actually wouldn't mind that picnic blanket tartan in a scarf or a button-up, if we are being honest about it. Put some pretty & punchy in your picnics this summer with some new drinkware or colored linens - you could even head to the fabric store and make your own blanket or tablecloth to match what you already have! Get to browsing and make it a season of slowing down and enjoying togetherness with the ones you love, while get your vitamin-D fix.

With a full heart and an empty plate,